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When it comes to swingers and body image this is something that a lot of people don’t really think about. While there are some swingers that are uncomfortable with how they look you will find that it does not take long for them to be able to feel really comfortable in their own skin. Whenever you are a swinger, you will need to be comfortable in your body.

Starting out

Whenever you are just starting out as a swinger you may find yourself feeling self conscious about the way that you look. This is something that cannot be helped as you probably have never been naked in front of a room full of people. However, you will find that swingers tend to be very accepting people and will think that you look beautiful naked.


It all comes down to how you feel about yourself. If you are uncomfortable with your body and how you look then you may want to try to work on that some before you become a swinger. If you are not comfortable with your body then you will have a more difficult time having a good time at swinger’s meets.


Whenever you are a swinger you are going to have to be able to feel sexy. Whenever you are in a room full of people that are having sex or engaging in sexual activity you are going to need to stop worrying about how you look and enjoy the fun and sexiness that is going on around you.

A lot of people struggle with how far they should have to travel for a swing meet. Some people are willing to travel a great distance just so they will be able to meet with some great swingers and have a good time without the fear of getting caught by people that don’t know that about them, we know of at least one pair of New York Swingers that drove all the way to Miami to meet up with some Florida Swingers, so it can happen, its just not as common, having said that people do travel vast distances on vacation and very often use the opportunity to meet swingers in other areas. However, other swingers do not feel that they need to drive very far at all just for a night of fun with their fellow swingers.


It all depends on how much privacy you want to have. If you happen to live in a small town and don’t want other people to find out your business and what you do privately, then you will need to make sure that you go a town or two away for your swinger’s meets. This is something that will help to ensure that you do not get caught and get a lot of rumors floating around about you.


Having to drive really far away every time you want to go to a swingers meet is something that can end up getting to be pretty expensive. You will need to make sure that you are able to stay in your budget and not go broke just on travel expenses.

Place to stay

Not all of these swingers meets are overnight so you will need to make sure that if you unable to drive back home that you have a place to stay for the night if you are too far away.

When it comes to the swinging popularity in the US you will find that there are actually a lot more than you think. Swinging in the US is something that is steadily on the rise. It first became popular in the 1970s and since then more and more people want to give it a shot. You will find that swinging is something that is going to really be an eye opening experience should you ever want to try it.

Typical Swingers

The most common swinger that you will run into is people that are in their late 30s and into their 40s and 50s. These people will often be middle class and will have a tight group of people that they swing with. It is common that you will run into more male swingers than female although there are a lot of couples in the swinger world.

Swingers Code

When it comes to the swinger’s code you will find that a lot of them prefer to keep their swinging practices private. This means that they will often find themselves living a double life. They will have their swinger friends and then the rest of their friends. They will swing away from home, usually in another town so that they will not risk getting caught.


There are more and more swinger’s clubs that are catching on in the US. You will find that whenever you search for swinger’s clubs in your area that you will be surprised at how many are actually out there.